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  • Sheria Mtaani organization launches car wash to fight crime and joblessness
  • The project is located in Rogai Town.

Mtahare based organization Sheria Mtaani has initiated car wash project in Rongai town Kajiado county with an intention of impacting positively in lives of youths who have been entranced in crime and joblessness.

 Poleleka Car wash and Carpet Cleaning is located along Magadi Rd just few meters from Masai Lodge junction strategically catching the glimpse of Rongai Town.

Ghetto Radio News team toured the project and it is deed amazing one. So far about ten youths have been employed directly by the noble initiative.

According to Sheria Mtaani founder Shadrack Wambui some of the youths are from wider Eastlands area and have been jobless.

binary comment

“Poleleka car wash and carpet Cleaning ni Moja wapo ya initiatives ambayo Sheria Mtaani imeanzisha Ili Kusaidia wasiojiweza na hata vijana ambao tumetoa kwa crime.Kwa sababu tukiwa wahudumia na  kupata haki basi tuwasaidie kujiendeleze wasirudi kwa crime.It should also be known that this is a transition site you come get where to start life thereafter chase your dream elsewhere. we are giving those youths 30% of what they have done the rest of the proceeds goes  to charity and general maintenance together with other bills like water and electrictity.’’ Wambui said.

Reaction From Beneficiaries

 Speaking to Ghetto Radio News team youths working at Poleleka showed their gratitude to Sheria Mtaani as they can now have something to put on the table.

“Kwa Sheria Mtaani sisi tunashukuru hii project imetulea na wengine …so sisi kitu tunaomba ni wenye Magari wakam kwa wingi  watusapot kwa Sababu utakua unasaidia wengi ukileta gari yako Poleleka na pia utaokoa generation ya mayut.” Peter Kagwanja alias Dee told Ghetto Radio News.

For any support you can reach Shadrack Wambui on 0700260086.

By Allan Otieno

June 24, 2023

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