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Fights Erupt In More Than Three Nairobi Churches Over The Weekend

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By James Njoroge


During fights and civil war, victims run to churches for safety where protection is offered by the religious group.

In Kenya, churches have turned into battlefield which is completely against the policies that run the churches.

Church cases have been rampant in the news desks where the common problem is usually church leadership and  church funds.

With the recent case that happened on July 22nd, SDA church at large embarrassed themselves in front of hundreds of congregants by engaging in a fist fight.

Reports indicate that the fight started when a meeting was allegedly scheduled to discuss a group seeking separation from the church.

On Sunday, members of the PCEA Church in Thome also exchanged blows over the loss funds meant for a church retreat event.

“Unrest emerged after some church officials could not set the record straight over the funds that had been contributed by members,” said an anonymous church member.

Church of God In Dandora has also been experiencing wrangles over money contributed in Harambees for the construction of churches.

Some aggrieved members of Ghetto Radio News claim that COG’s main church in Bunyore Vihiga County is insisting on collecting the money meant for church construction and not helping the church in any way.

I believe that church disputes should be discussed peacefully and should involve church leaders and the members.

Moses Onguko a leader at the Church of God has however come to the church saying aggrieved church members should leave the church.

”If you feel that your church practices are against your beliefs you have the right to leave and go to another church because the bible says that the church is the house of God and in God’s house there is Safety, Peace and Love,”said Onguko.



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