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Finally, Huddah Monroe Reveals Wishing To Get Married To This 59-year Old Italian Man. (Pics)


HUDAMarriage is a dreaded union in the recent past. The rate of divorced marriages and single parenthood  worldwide is  raising an alarm on what could have gone wrong and where.

Our generation has been spelled to infidelity and no strings attached relationship. It is all about trade this days-Nipe Nikupe. Give someone good sex, and get a credit to a good lifestyle you know……

That said, Huddah would be the last person anyone would ever imagine to get married soon. I mean, the lass is young, wealthy, a good job at hand (Brand Ambassador of Several Big Companies) not to say her crazy antics. Who wants to get married to a lady who will intimidate you with her hunger to have more?? Truth be said, men want Huddah- ain’t she sexy?? But very few would dare want to keep her as a wife!

So, out the blues, the Mistress of all Trades posts her  about marriage wishes. It is  through her Instagram handle, that Miss Alhudah Muthoni Njoroge expressed her most hidden secret. The man she admires,the she’d want to spend the rest of her life with….guess who?

Well, you might be close to the correct guess since he isn’t a Kenyan but Italian.

His name is Zanotti.

“I  wish I could get Married to Zannotti. He knows a woman’s feet. Be weary of a man who know’s a woman’s feet. #While in Paris. #MISTRESSOFALLTRADES #IGOTTHATAFRICANSAUCE #PRAYFORMWAIKIBAKI, ” read the post.

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Giuseppe Zanotti is an Italian luxury footwear and fashion designer known for his sculptural, jeweled heels, luxury sneakers, handbags, jewelry and leather ready-to-wear.

Through his wholly owned company, Vicini S.p.A, he manufacturers his eponymous label, Giuseppe Zanotti Design, which is distributed in 75 countries worldwide through a network of directly operated boutiques, franchisees and luxury retailers.

Well, her love for shoes might have led to this obsession of wishing to get married to a 59-year old designer whose concentration is on producing world class shoes (unisex) mostly worn by celebrities.

Zanotti’s shoes have been worn by Beyonce, Ciara, Kim Kardashian, Debanj , Vera and of course Huddah herself!! The latter’s obsession has been derived from the good shoes and makes.

This is the lucky guy who should propose to Huddah without hesitation;

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