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  • Finally Stevo Simple Boy dines with Betty Kyalo.
  • For the past days, Stevo shared his deep affection for the former media personality.
  • Netizens are continuing to react following the two going on a dinner date together.

Finally Stevo Simple Boy managed to dine with former T.v hot siren, Betty Kyalo for a dinner for two at an upmarket establishment after days of wooing her on social media.

With a series of photos plastered on his Instagram, Stevo is captured dressed in a pearl white bespoke suit.

The pants were black with matching shoes.

On the other hand, Betty wore a black micro dress and layered with a blue denim shirt.

In one of the photos, Stevo pulls a gentleman’s swagger by pulling a seat for the Betty.

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In yet another photo, they’re captured enjoying their wine while emersed in a conversation.

Describing the evening as one of its kind, stevo noted that he was at peace after going out on a date with his celebrity crush.

He added that they had spoken at length laying out his intentions to Betty. Stevo was now eagerly waiting for Betty’s response

“Kwa kweli roho yangu sasa iko welo welo…nilipeleka crush wangu date, Mungu ni mwema nakupenda sana Betty Kyalo, fikiria hiyo mambo yangu tumeongea leo nasubiri jibu” he captioned.

Taking to her own Instagram, Betty also shared photos from the evening date but different from Stevo’s.

In the first picture, they were making their way to the posh joint while walking side by side. In the second picture they were seated enjoying cocktail drinks in a seemingly loving aura.

While sharing out the moment, Betty noted that many won’t believe that he dined with Stevo. She added that the afternoon was fruitful as they shared a meal.

She went further and acknowledged Stevo’s tenacity in meeting her.

Stevo and Betty making their way at the posh joint PHOTO Courtesy


Fans Reactions

With news of Stevo going out on a date with Betty spreading like wildfire, Fans have also been quick in pouring their reactions.

We sampled a few below.

“The most improved student, Stevo”

“Hakuna mkate ngumu mbele ya chai”

“Simple dates for simple boys…very nice”

“Trust the process”

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For the past days, Stevo shared his deep affection for the former T.v queen. Stevo affirmed that if he could win her heart, Betty would live her best life.

February 29, 2024

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