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Five Biggest Scandals in Football History


There have been many scandals in world football ranging from match-fixing to drugs, and many footballers have been in the spotlight for the wrong reasons.

This is a list containing 10 of the biggest scandals and controversies in the history of football.

1. Calciopoli Scandal (2006)

Calciopoli Scandal in 2006 rocked world football when it emerged that many top clubs in Italy had been involved in influencing the appointment of referees for their games among various other allegations.

Juventus who had won the 2005 and 2006 league were stripped of their titles and were relegated to Serie B where they stayed for one season before returning to top flight immediately.

Though Juventus were punished seriously for their involvement, AC Milan and some other clubs could consider themselves fortunate not to endure such serious consequences.

It had a major impact on Italian and world football, and since then, extra precautions have been enforced in football in this regard.

 2. The Unfortunate Murder of Andres Escobar

Colombian defender Andres Escobar was murdered in July 1994 just after the team was eliminated from the World Cup due to his own goal, and it is widely believed that it was why he was killed.

It could be some drug traffickers who lost money betting on the team that they targeted the respectable defender. In the above video, it is quite clear that it was an unfortunate error which could happen at times even to the best defenders of the game, and it is a tragedy that he was murdered.

Let us hope that such incidents never happen again in the future.

3. John Terry’s Affair with Wayne Bridge’s Wife Vanessa Peronncel

Wayne Bridge was devastated after it emerged that his Chelsea team mate John Terry could be involved in an affair with his wife Vanessa Perroncel. Bridge and Terry also played English National team in the past and were considered to be good friends before this incident.

Bridge refused to play for England if he was to play alongside Terry.

In the games against Chelsea that he has taken part since details of the alleged affair emerged, he has refused to shake hands with Terry.

The former Chelsea defender also had a tough time following the affair, considering that he was stripped of his captaincy before the world cup by Fabio Capello and had to endure plenty of criticism.

4. Ryan Giggs Affair with Imogen Thomas

Ryan Giggs was at the heart of the controversy when it was revealed in parliament by a MP that he was the footballer who had obtained a super-injunction to stop publicizing his affair with former Big Brother star Imogen Thomas.

Giggs, who is married and has children, would have certainly been shattered by the events, and it was an unfortunate time for Manchester United as well as it was only days before their important Champions League Final against Barcelona.

5. Adrian Mutu Drug Scandal at Chelsea

Adrian Mutu was signed by Chelsea in August 2003 from Parma for big money and then, just over a year of his stay at Stamford Bridge, he was embroiled in plenty of controversy when he was sacked after he was found using cocaine.

This led to his suspension, and he was subsequently moved on by the club. Mutu was ordered to pay a bill in excess of £14.6 million after he was moved on under forced circumstances by the Blues.


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