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Five Bodies Of Missing Persons Discovered In Shallow Graves

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Mandera bodies discovered in a shallow grave

A group of herders in Bambo, Mandera County have discovered five bodies who included a woman buried in a shallow grave.

The five had been missing for days before the bodies were discovered on Monday afternoon.

The herders said they were grazing their animals when they stumbled on the grave and later alerted authorities.

Some of them accused local security operatives of being behind the murder and burial of the four men and a woman. Mandera Deputy Governor Ahmed Maalim was among those who condemned the incident.

“We plan to visit the site of the grave. We don’t know those behind the killing but this seems to be well planned and executed. It is extrajudicial killing,” he said.

Witnesses who presided over the exhumation of the bodies said one of the male bodies had a bullet wound on the head and the rest appeared to have been strangled.



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