Five more suspected thugs shot dead in Mathare, in police “revenge” killings

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Five suspected thugs were shot dead by police in Mathare on Monday in what human rights defenders describe as revenge killings

The five were shot dead in separate incidences in Mathare North area.

Two were reportedly pulled out of their house and shot dead near Mathare North Primary School, two were pulled from a funeral service in the area while one was killed after police pulled him from Mathare North Hospital where he had gone to treat gun shot wound.

Everline Atieno says her husband Evans Odhiambo was shot in the leg on his way from work when he rammed into the police who were going after some thugs.

Distraught Atieno who is currently pregnant says she waited for her husband in vain only to be informed by the neighbour that her husband has been shot and is seeking treatment at the Mathare North Clinic.

“I immediately rushed to the hospital only to find my husband lying on a dressing table in pain, the doctors at the hospital had referred him to Mama Lucy Hospital for surgery,” narrates Atieno.

But before they could leave the hospital, police officers arrived and confiscated both Atieno and her husband’s phone and immediately pushed Odhiambo inside the boot of car.

According to Atieno, an eye witness brought by the police to identify her husband told the police he was not a criminal but the police still took him away and killed him.

“This lady arrived on a motorbike then the police asked him if he knew the man in the boot of the car to which she answered no adding that the people who attacked her were three and he is not one of them,” stated Atieno.

Area activists claim that the Monday killings are revenge killings being conducted by police after their colleague was shot by thugs near Homechoice Supermarket on Friday.

Kennedy Chindi of Mathare Social Justice Network says they have so far forwarded the complaints to the Independent Policing Oversight Authority for investigations.

“There is a police officer who was shot dead by thugs in Mathare North near the Homechoice supermarket, now police are on a rampage of killing inncoent youth,” says Chindi.

“Two were taken from their houses and shot dead near the Mathare North Primary School, two others were pulled from a funeral in same area,” said Chindi.

More than 15 suspected thugs have been killed in Nairobi’s Dandora, Mathare and other areas in Nairobi in police extrajudicial killings.

On Sunday six suspected thugs were gunned down who included university and Secondary students.

Chindi says they have so far reported the killings to the Independent Policing Oversight Authority for action.

“We were with their officers here today, we have taken them down to the grounds and they have talked to the residents and given their views, we hope something will be done,” said Chindi.