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Five Patients Admitted At Mama Lucy with Cholera Symptoms


Nairobi county government  has issued an alert over suspected cholera out break in Pipeline Embakasi, Donholm and Kayole following high number patients complaining of diarrhea admitted at the Mama Lucy Hospital.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio News,  Mama Lucy Hospital medical superintendent Musa Mohamed  says  they  have admitted  five  suspected  cholera patients and they are closely monitoring their situation.

‘‘We have taken their stools  to our laboratories for test and I we will be able to establish the real condition and exactly what they are suffering from ones result are out.’’ Musa added

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The county government has also dispatched disease surveillance team in Embakasi and Pipeline to assess the cholera situation.

Musa on the hand asked the residents in the affected areas  to drink  clean treated water, eat warm food and  use clean toilets.

‘‘We want to ask the residents  to maintain hygiene make sure all that you eat is clean and warmed and that is the first step to survive,’’ He stated.

Last year close to five people died of cholera  in Embakasi Village after they reported to have eaten contaminated food at one of the Mabati manufacturing company.