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Five Things You Didn’t Know About Deejay Chara


1.Kenya’s Number One Reggae Deejay

Ghetto Radio’s Jahmrock Doba show host Deejay Chara is arguably Kenya’s number one reggae deejay.He has a vast knowledge and experience as far as reggae music is concerned spanning over two decades.

His weekly reggae show ‘Jahmrock Doba’ runs from to midnight Monday,Wednesday, to Thursday come Friday and Saturday the show’s name switches to ‘JahFlight’ with Saturday’s show going till dawn.

He commands a cult following with his show cementing his grit on the trending list on a daily basis.

“kuna Dj huitwa Dj Chara hukua pale Ghetto Radio, Man’s hucheza Roots sijawahi skia 150 mins,elite Dj that one” tweeted one of his fans.

2.Fed KBC Radio Station With Reggae Music.

Deejay Chara had a stint at KBC Radio (Kenya Broadcasting Corporation) as an intern. He would feed the station’s reggae show’ Riddim Base ‘ with reggae music veteran Deejay Mwangemi can attest to this.

3.He’s Single

The celebrated media personality raises his kids single handedly after death robbed him the mother to his children in early 2020.He terms the ordeal as one of his lowest moments but has since healed.

  1. Doesn’t Smoke Weed

Reggae music and weed are like conjoined twins. However, Deejay Chara doesn’t partake the ‘holy herb’ though he’s easy with Rastafarians.

He also doesn’t smoke cigarettes nor chew khat.

  1. Moi’s Technician

Before his meteoric rise in the media industry, The self taught deskman operated an electronic workshop in Kibra a few meters from the home of the former head of state.

Moi’s handlers sought his services whenever he had issues with his electronic gadgets.

Even though he never met Moi in person, he points out his generosity as he always paid handsomely and never bargained.

“walinipenda sana juu I was so perfect kwa hiyo job na walipenda my honesty as i was young and hard working” Explained Chara

He also provided public address services to the Sudan Embassy in Kabarnet during their peace talks.

The soft spoken entertainer was further a technician at Refigah’s Grand Pa Records.

Skill is key to one’s success , to date Deejay Chara supplements his earnings as a technician at Ghetto Radio.He’s greatful to the station’s honcho Majimaji and the whole team.

By Steve Osaka.


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