The upcoming FKF Annual General Meeting is facing significant controversy and exclusions, with Twaha Mubarak and Hussein Mohammed, both presidential candidates, being denied entry.

Mubarak, the Chairman of Bandari FC and a declared candidate for the FKF presidency, has been excluded from the list of delegates.

Despite this, he insists on attending the meeting as the representative of Bandari FC, citing Article 23 of the FKF Constitution 2017 to support his claim.

Similarly, Hussein Mohammed, renowned for his grassroots football initiatives, has also been barred from attending the AGM.

In response, the chairman of SEAL, Robert Macharia, criticized the FKF, asserting the club’s right to nominate their representative and threatening legal action if their vice-chairman is prevented from attending the congress.

Earlier, FKF CEO Barry Otieno communicated to Murang’a SEAL FC, Mohammed’s club, indicating that Mohammed was not registered with FKF, rendering him ineligible to represent the club at the meeting.

These exclusions have raised concerns regarding the transparency and fairness of the upcoming FKF elections. Both Mubarak and Mohammed are standing firm on their rights as per constitutional provisions, shedding light on potential conflicts within the FKF leadership and electoral procedures.

The situation underscores the need for clarity and adherence to established protocols to ensure a fair and inclusive electoral process.

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