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FKF CEO Asks Kakamega Home Boyz Chairman Not To Politicize Match Fixing Issue


Football Kenya Federation Chief Executive Officer Barry Otieno has chastised Kakamega HomeBoyz Chairman Cleophas Shimanyula for blaming the federation for not doing enough to curb the match fixing menace in the league.

Those found guilty include Ugandan George Mandela, who has been handed a lifetime ban from all football related activities.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio Sports Barry said that it is wrong for the Kakamega Homeboyz Chairman to blame the Federation saying that match fixing is a global problem that needs all stakeholders to come together and fight the scourge saying that politicizing the issue is not fair.

“It is wrong for the Chairman to turn the blame on the Federation for something that happened in the team that he is running,” he lamented.

Moses Chikati, Festus Okiring and Festo Omukoto, all Kenyans, have similarly been banned from taking part in any kind of football-related activity at national and international level for a period of four years.

He said that the issue was very sensitive discussing it publicly was not right since the three parties Fifa the team and the Federation were involved in handling the situation.

Barry told off Shimanyula saying that he is the one directly running the team and while doing their investigation with Fifa Seven of his players met Fifa representative in regard to the situation.

He termed Shimanyula’s statement unfortunate saying that he cannot disclose the measures they have taken as it could jeopardize the situation.

“The issue of match fixing is a global problem especially in the established leagues in Europe and Asia and Kenyan situation cannot be isolated from the rest of the World,” he bemoaned.

In a statement written by a local newspaper Shimanyula who is said to be the whistle blower castigated the Federation of not doing enough to tackle the vice.

“They were lied to by the coaches who are the main culprits but have somehow been set free. Match fixing is happening in our league and our federation doesn’t seem interested in investigating the vice. I have to thank Fifa for the efforts to have a clean game,”Shimanyula said.

Shimanyula had also accused Ugandan coach Paul Nkata of being involved in match fixing.