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FKF’s Ambitious Strategy To Deliver Women’s Football

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For the first time in the history of Kenya’s women’s football scene, a strategic plan has been launched to guide the growth of women’s football which was given little or no attention by previous successive football administrations.

This is milestone by Nick Mwendwa’s led Football Kenya Federation is exhibiting its seriousness in developing women’s football.

The need to cement the country’s position as a women’s footballing powerhouse prompted the crucial need for a strategic approach, aimed at holistically and consistently developing the women’s game, in order to complete, sustain, and continuously grow its success both at the national and grassroots level.

The Women football strategy will help highlight and grow the massive potential of women’s football in Kenya

The strategic plan aims to develop women football basing on five key pillars which include Grassroots and youth football, Leagues and competitions/ Club licensing, National teams /Centre of Excellence, Capacity Building, Marketing and Branding which is expected to hence enable the Federation to realize its vision for women football which are to develop and grow the women game, on and off the pitch, steady rise in international FIFA ranking and to qualify for the Women World Cup in 2023.

The strategy is based on understanding an individual’s motivation to play – learning, recreation, competition, and excellence.

It aims to ensure there is access and opportunity for every girl and woman to play, coach, spectate, officiate, manage or administer.

This will then provide opportunities for women and girls of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds to fall in love with the beautiful game and enjoy the many benefits that it can bring to their life. raising the number of girls participating in football this in line with FIFA’s vision of targeting 6 million girls playing football in the world.

Kenn Okaka,

Media and Communications Manager,

Football Kenya Federation


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