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Flaqo trolled by KOT for Defending Sauti Sol over ‘Sol Saturday’ cancellation


Comedian Flaqo on Wednesday faced the wrath of KOT after defending Sauti Sol over the cancellation of their ‘Sol Saturday’ concert.

The comedian had earlier said that Sauti Sol has put Kenya on the map arguing that they may have had a good reason to cancel the show

“Sauti Sol are putting us on the map and if the preparation waz not on point to give people the experience as they planned then maybe cancelling waz really worth it, they against mediocrity just as we all are” he said

Taking to Instagram via a live Video, Flaqo hit back at his critics saying that the trolls won’t affect him.

The comedian’s statement came just hours after a Kenyan food vendor took to Youtube to express how Sauti Sol had subjected her to huge losses.

In a post shared on Youtube, the 22 year old chef who runs Kari’s Kitchen said she had taken a loan of 300K to buy products for the said day only for the event to be cancelled last minute.

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According to Kari, the event organizers had asked her to be one of the vendors during the event then later reached out asking her to be the only vendor in the VIP section.

As a result she was to prepare food for over five hundred people meant to be sold at the event.

“I was the ONLY food caterer for the VIP section at the concert which was to have 500-600 people. I spent KSH300,000 buying stock and preparing and hiring employees. I currently have 2 large freezers with food just looking at me. I’m depressed.” She posted on twitter

The chef now says she has been left with a huge loan to repay and two packed freezers.

She further alleged that Sauti Sol lied about cancelling the event due to Covid regulations adding that the real reason was because they were not impressed with the set up.

Sauti Sol were allegedly paid 30,000 (3 Million) USD before the concert.

Since her post went up, Kenyans on Twitter have been ordering food from her in an attempt to help her recover the money.