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  • Atleast 13 lives lost due to severe weather conditions 
  • Kenya Redcross has mobilized emergency response efforts
  • The Meteorological department has given out a warning of heavy rains towards the end of April and subside in JunesFlood warning issued to 3 counties as unrelenting downpour continueFlood warning issued to 3 counties as unrelenting downpour continue

Kenya is grappling with a devastating crisis as unrelenting downpours continue to wreak havoc across the nation, claiming lives and displacing thousands of people.

Authorities have confirmed that at least 13 individuals have lost their lives due to the severe weather conditions, with reports indicating that the toll may rise as the situation unfolds.

The Kenya Redcross

The Kenya Red Cross Society has issued urgent appeals to residents in affected areas, urging them to seek higher ground to mitigate further loss of life.

Since the onset of the rainy season in mid-March, an estimated 15,000 people have been affected by the relentless rains, according to the United Nations.

In response to the escalating crisis, the Kenya Red Cross Society has mobilized emergency response efforts, setting up camps in the hardest-hit regions to provide assistance to those forced from their homes.

Particularly in Budalangi, within Busia County, over 600 households have been displaced, exacerbating an already dire situation.

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Impact of flooding

The impact of the flooding extends beyond displacement, with local roads submerged, daily activities disrupted, and substantial economic losses reported.

Business owners in the affected areas, facing losses of up to Ksh6 million per day, are grappling with the aftermath of the deluge, largely attributed to backflow from Lake Victoria.

As the rains show no signs of abating, concerns mount for other regions facing the brunt of the severe weather conditions.

In Ndia constituency, Kirinyaga County, approximately 400 households have been affected, while in Homabay County, flooding in Karachaunya has displaced around 150 households.

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Lamu,Tana River and Garrisa residents urged to evacuate 

Warnings from the meteorological department paint a grim picture for the weeks ahead, with forecasts indicating that the heavy downpour is expected to peak towards the end of April and subside in June.

Nine out of the 47 counties in Kenya have already reported incidents of flooding, with additional concerns raised for the counties of Lamu, Tana River, and Garissa, situated downstream of the Tana River, where residents are urged to evacuate to higher ground to avoid potential disaster.

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