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Flying toilets are back in Kibra


Residents of Kibra Lindi are sounding an alarm over looming water borne disease outbreak following the recent demolition of a resource center that housed the only public toilet in the area.

The abrupt demolition of the kibera youth Lindi biocenter has forced residents to dispose their excreta in bags also known as flying toilets.

The resource center which was launched by Prime Minister Raila Odinga 12 years ago to help alleviate poverty was brought down in the wee hours of Monday last week.

“The main problem we are facing currently after the demolition is the lack of toilets.The government demolished the only resource centre that was housing a public toilet which was helping us a big deal. We need this to be sorted out,” he said.

According to residents the public toilet used to cater for approximately 100 people a day hence turned into a source of livelihood for the youths.

They now want Odinga to intervene and bring back the facility lamenting that the recent handshake between him and President Uhuru Kenyatta has done more harm to them as opposition supporters than before the handshake.

“Before the handshake no one could commence any programme in Kibra without a nod from  Baba Raila, because they knew Baba could not allow us to suffer.But now things have changed.we are being harrased but Baba is Just mum,” he added.