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  • There are reports of food arriving schools late.
  • Education activists raising questions on the seriousness of the program

Former Education CEC Nairobi County Janet Ouko has called out Nairobi County Government over alleged delays of food in various public schools in Nairobi.

Dishi na County  program was recently launched in Babadogo Primary School and was to be implemented in four phases.

According to Ouko the County Government lacked capacity to deliver food on time giving examples of Ayany Primary School in Kibra and Kihumbini Primary Schools where complains emerged of food being delivered late.

“The County is overwhelmed by its own mandate they don’t have technical capacity to undertake this program at school level we have several reports of delays. Last week the delays were reported in Kihumbini where food arrived in the school at around 3.00 pm.Yesterday we had another delay in Ayany Primary  Kibra where it arrived at about 4pm.This is not what was promised.” Ouko said.

“If we continue this way then we shall have consistent disruption of learning because even some head teachers have complained bitterly about it.” She added.

County Government Reaction

Meanwhile in a quick rejoinder City Hall Communication team has denied the delay reports saying they have been on time.

“Can you justify this? Waziri Silantoi got to Ayany Primary at 9am, children were served food on time. Are you sure about this? In fact food got there at 9am.’’ A communication officer reacted.

The  Dishi na County  Plan

During the launch Health CEC who is in charge of the Dishi na County program Susan Silantoi corded that the trucks should be at the various schools before 12.30pm, which is the exact time lunch hour starts.

‘‘By 10am, the cooking is suppose to have been completed, the food packed and ready for transportation to the schools.Our partner, Food4Education which owns the Industrial Area mega kitchen is responsible for transportation and logistics and is very ready for today’s rollout,” Silantoi said.


September 15, 2023

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