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Food Donation In Kibra ends up in Chaos (Photos)

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A food drive aimed at cushioning the vulnerable in the Kibra slums on Friday turned into chaos after residents thronged for District Commissioner’s office to get a piece of the donations.

The food drive aimed at cushioning the vulnerable during the tough economic times resulting from the novel COVID-19 saw huge numbers queue outside the offices oblivious of the social distancing directive by the government.

Many of those who were in the queue also had no protective gear and kept pushing and shoving each other resulting into minor injuries for some residents.

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Police were forced to use teargas to disperse a surging crowd at the gates, who returned as soon as the smoke died off.The residents, however, blamed the authorities for what they termed ‘poor planning’ in the distribution of the said aid.

Residents reportedly had their respective details  collected at the grounds and were informed that the drive would have been an orderly affair.

It is also reported that the food drive was meant to be a door to door affair and it is not yet clear how a huge crowd turned up at the grounds.