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Foreign digital cab Apps to leave Mombasa

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Coast Digital Cabs Association (CDCA) has threatened to order its members to switch off foreign apps in the next 20 days.

CDCA chairman Lance Marley has claimed that foreign apps have pushed other stakeholders in the industry to the wall and they will not tolerate it any more.

“Because of bad rates and lack of regulations, owners of vehicles have withdrawn their vehicles from the industry, others have been taken by banks for nonpayment of loans and many drivers are without vehicles unless we take quick measures, the industry is on its death bed,” said Marley.

Marley further said that they have reached leaders from other parts of the country and agreed to permanently switch off and delete foreign company apps including Uber and Bolt before they migrate to other local apps that are ready to listen to them, recognise drivers and car owners as the major stakeholders in the industry.

“We give a notice to all the the foreign companies that if they don’t reach us in the next 20 days, then we will mobilize all 24,000 digital cab drivers to switch off and delete their apps from phones, this mass action and mass migration will take place in all towns in Kenya,” said Marley.


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