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Forget Kaansime and Emanuella, Tanzania’s Khale Taniya is Africa’s Most Funniest Lady.

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khaleOn Saturday night, I stumbled on a hilarious Facebook video done by a snow white lady going by the name Khale Taniya.

As her skin color would suggest, I didn’t expect her to speak Swahili though the caption said otherwise. I proceeded on to watch the three minute video without knowing that I had just found a reason to maul on my M-pesa buying airtime for bundles.

The video was sort of an advisory from the bleached Tanzanian lass who lives in Birmingham UK, advising “us”…no maybe her fans to “BLOCK” any irrelevant people in their lives.

Unlike Teacher Wanjiku, Kaansime or little Emanuella, Khaletaniya doesn’t do scripted clips but gives real talk with a sense of humor like no other.

I also found out that she has a YouTube channel where she addresses matters which affect the society with utmost honesty. How she speaks, her strong Swahili accent and mastery and how she twists her mouth whilst expressing anger will dismantle your rib cage I swear.

Apart from making such comical videos, Khaletaniya also sells skin lightening and weight lose merchandise from the UK to Tanzania. Like Sidika, Khaletaniya didn’t like her dark skin and so she decided to lighten it. She says she did it because she wanted to and she shouldn’t be judged for that.

Like any typical Tanzanian, Khale has issues with her English despite having lived in the UK for 17 years. How she pronounce the words Celebrity “celibaty” , ‘desperate’ and ‘allergic’ and ‘harlots’ will make you want to watch her videos even more.

Tanzania got talent, but I still don’t understand why they haven’t noticed funny Khale. I love it when she calls out on people using the words “Nyoko Zenu, Mkome!!!”. Her comical antics are just on another level and just don’t know how big she would be if she was a Kenyan. Khale is talented trust you me.

Check out these two clips and share your instincts on this newest comedienne;

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