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Form one student sent home for having dreadlocks

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A parent in Kibera has sued his daughter’s school for sending her home to shave her dreadlocks

The father accused the school of subjecting his daughter to religious discrimination, punishing her for following the family’s Rastafarian faith.

The man has sued the school’s board of management, the Ministry of Education and Attorney-General.

The said girl had attended two classes at the school and even paid ksh. 12,000 in tuition fee when she was summoned to the principal’s office and sent home to shave her dreadlocks.

According to her parents, they had indicated in her admission documents that she belongs to the Rastafarian movement

Her father said his attempt to seek help from the district education office did not bear any fruit as his complaint was summarily dismissed.

The family’s lawyer now calls on the court to compel the school to re admit the girl saying she is missing out as her peers continue to learn

“The minor is currently at home while her peers are in school seeping from the never-ending fountain of knowledge yet they have been dismissed without any thoughts being given to their belief and culture,” said Mr Shadrack Wambui, the family’s lawyer


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