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Form one  Student smokes Bhang, strips down, threatens the mother

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A form one student in Shauri Moyo area shocked his neighbors after striping naked and chasing the mother away from their house.

The student at Kamukunji secondary school is said to have been under the influence of Bhang at the time of the incident.

According to the boy’s mother, it is the first time he smoked bhang.

The boy is said to have walked around their home area naked for sometime after smoking the bhang.

“He came home and called me from the door so I opened for him and found him naked. He asked for food and I told him to eat Githeri but he refused. I’m not sure who he was with, but I heard someone talking to him at the door. Whoever was there with him took off with his clothes.He smoked Bhang, I don’t even know how he got it” said the mother


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