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Form Two student left stranded after developing health Complications


For Purity Kagendo, a form two student at Sunflower school in Kiamaiko,7th September 2018 was just another day in her new school before it turned into a nightmare for her.

Purity had just had lunch with the other students and was on her way to wash her hands when she fell down and broke her leg.

As is the norm, the school rushed her to a hospital in Nairobi’s Eastleigh area before calling her mother.

Purity was transferred to Mama Lucy hospital where the doctors gave her pain medicine and wrapped her leg in a bandage.

She was later transferred to Kiambu level four hospital hospital after a series of tests and x-ray.

Since her parents could not raise the money required to have a device implanted to return her in knee in position, Purity’s leg was bound in a cast.

“The doctors wrapped it in a cast and then referred us to Kijabe mission hospital for special treatment because the knee was badly wounded.” Says purity’s mother Consolata Njura

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While at Kijabe hospital, the doctors discovered that Purity’s knee had developed arthritis and could not be returned to its place without a special surgery.

The family has been unable to raise the ksh.300 thousand that is required for the surgery and is asking for any help from well wishers.

The family also maintains that Mama Lucy and Kiambu hospitals worsened their daughter’s condition as they did not verify how bad the injury was before wrapping it.

Purity has not set foot in school since March 2018 and is asking for well wishers to aid her medical treatment so she can report back to school.

“My parents have not been able to raise the 300,000 shillings for the surgery, I’m just on pain medication and my leg is getting worse everyday. Right now I can’t step down, my leg is bent on one side. I am not able to go to school because I need so much help moving around. I wish someone could help me get back on my feet so I can go back to school.” Purity said

Well wishers can reach out to the family via 0718 931 754 (Consolata Njura) or 0723 395 201  (James Njue)