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  • Ezekiel Otuoma still asking for help 4 years later.
  • he was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease


After disease attack on 2020 where he was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease Ezekiel Otuoma is still bedridden 3 years later with little conscience.

We talked to One of his boyhood friend Jack Omondi whom they shared a lot with. He says Otuoma’s condition is worsening day by day and he still need help.

According to Omosh they have tried few Harambees through politicians in Makongeni but not much has been realized.

“Otuoma still need our help the other day the wife brought him at the pitch where our MCA had an event and indeed many  contributed and it was all about love for Otuoma and the football game.” He told Ghetto Radio News.

According to Omosh Otuoma’s family is currently residing at Utawala where her wife is nursing him.

He can’t speak or move the wife does a lot on his upkeep including feeding him.

“It has been difficult for Rachael but we thank God for his heart.She has nursed this great footballer and provided for her in all needs despite the condition of her husband.To Makongeni resident we have missed him in the pitch and real life the guy entertained us and uplifted our area and  profile. He deserve more of our help.”He  added.


 Wife Reaction Earlier Reaction


Meanwhile the wife Rachael has put hopes alive as he continue nursing the football superstar.

“He was attacked between November and December 2020, beginning as a cough before he slightly lost his voice. After it persisted, we decided to take him to hospital where it was discovered he has Motor Neurone Disease.’

The disease, also known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, attacks the motor neurons of the brain and spinal cord, causing swift muscle degeneration. The biological mechanisms that cause the disease are only partially understood and has no known cure.




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