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Former CJ Mutunga Slams Uhuru Over Appointment of Judges


Former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga has now taken issue with President Uhuru Kenyatta for not appointing the six remaining judges presented to him by the Judicial Service Commission JSC saying that the impunity in the executive is now unbearable.

Mutunga says there is no law that mandates the president to swear in judges and that the Constitution only recognizes Chief Justice in the swearing in role.

“If he had any evidence he should have to Judicial Service Commission that’s the institution that would decide and you cannot say that a judge is unsuitable and you are not giving any evidence whether you got that evidence from FBI,CIA because i believe can get the Intel outside the NIS it has to go to the Judicial Service Commission and that candidate has to be given opportunity to answer those charges,” Mutunga said.

He says the act is politically motivated and that the Judiciary boss Martha Koome should go ahead and swear in the six remaining judges.


“This is some form of political execution which is very very dangerous and having worked in the Judiciary it pains me when I see some of the most brilliant incorruptible judges being denied promotion,” Mutunga added.

Meanwhile President Uhuru Kenyatta has gone to Court of Appeal seeking suspension of orders issued by high court requiring him to appoint the remaining six nominees as Judges within the next 14 days.

Through Lawyer Waweru Gatonye, the president in his submissions says that the orders issued by  High court last week, have the potential effect of creating a conflict between the office of the Chief Justice and the office of the President of Kenya.

“I am aggrieved with the whole decision and have since filed and served a notice of appeal. Unless the decision and orders of the High court are suspended, the intended appeal will be rendered useless,” the appeal documents read.