Former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga was among activists who were on Saturday teargassed at the Central Police Station by police officers.

Mutunga in the company of lawyer John Khaminwa and other activists had gone to the police station to secure the release of fellow activists who had been arrested on Friday during the Saba Saba demonstrations.

A total of 75 people including activists and Azimio supporters were arrested on Friday during the saba Saba protests.

The Kenya Human Rights Commission has condemned the arrests of the 75 people and has demanded for their unconditional release.

“We have a police force that is not decolonised. We should start suing these people for false arrests, malicious prosecution, unlawful detention,” said Mutunga.

“We want them released unconditionally. Their claim is that they want to charge them with unlawful assembly, assault and destruction of property,” Davis Malombe of KHRC stated.

ODM’s director of communications Philip Etale also stated that Raila’s lawyer Paul Mwangi had been sent away from the police station by the OCS when he went to inquire about the detainees.

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