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Former FKF Boss to face “Theft Charges”

Sam Nyamweya Photo/courtesy

Police are expected to launch investigations into the allegations laid against a local bank by FKF administration for allegedly colluding with the former FKF President Sam Nyamweya in the withdrawal of funds meant for the running of football in the Abadares branch.

According to FKF Abardare branch Chairman Gordon Davis Chege and the Secretary James Kamau the bank allowed Nyamweya alongside former deputy secretary general Joseph Ogolla to withdraw ksh 2.5 Million from the FKF Abardare Branch accounts.

Despite having drafted a letter to the bank to have the accounts blocked following a change administration in 2016 the FKF officials say the bank still allowed Nyamweya to take part in the transactions.

“It was in public domain that Nyamweya was no longer the FKF president. The federation sent a letter to the bank that Nyamweya was still a signatory and the accounts should not be transacted”. Chege said.

“Whether it was collusion or professional negligence we are sending a message to the bank that teams in Kiambu County want their money back”

In response Nyamweya denied the allegations at his Capitol Hill private office. Though he agreed to have withdrawn the money,he claimed that it was meant for the payment of the employees who had written a letter to him seeking for his intervention as a former boss.

“I was the signatory until the end of last year with the full knowledge of the federation. Another thing is that I was only requested by the employees of the federation,in writing to help them in the signing of their payment of their salaries and I saw it as very sensible on humanitarian grounds to help them”.

“This is a bleeding internal matter and rather than giving allegations it can be handled internally because there is nothing irregular that I have done. you are a signatory and have not changed, when people want you to to help them it is only fair that you do the same.

Nyamweya claims he is yet to be approached by the federation in regard to the “theft” allegations.

“I was approached by abardares and I told them to contact the office so that the office can approach the employees and myself to see how best the matter can be sorted out”.

However Nyamweya says that money was transacted into the Standard Chartered account but “by errors as it was supposed to be deposited into another bank.”

“But I am the one who contacted the abadares to inform them about the money so this is a matter that can be sorted out in a round table”.

“I wrote a letter inviting the National office to sit a find a way of how the funds could be reimbursed because money was meant for the employees”