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Former Ghetto Radio security guard living his deejaying dream



Victor Juma,a former security guard is living his dream of becoming a deejay after he finally got a chance to study and become a deejay.

Victor served Ghetto Radio as a security guard for nine months in 2017 before joining Bling it on deejay academy courtesy of Ghetto Radio’s deejay bling.

After losing his job at World force security, the 21 year old says he approached DJ Bling and explained to him his interest in deejaying.  Dj Bling then agreed to sponsor him to study at his school Bling it on Deejay Academy.

“I have really  loved music since primary school but my interest to deejay was sparked when I was in class six. I served Ghetto Radio as a soldier for 9 month before joining Bling it on deejay academy in February this year.  DJ Bling is the one who sponsored me.”he says

Victor says he finds the profession interesting and that for him it is a dream come true.

Last Saturday the 21 year old got a chance to mix on air during deejay Bling’s reggae Bling show and says it was an interesting experience for him.

He now goes by the tittle Dj Vicky Soldier Boy and says he prays to make it big in the industry and hopefully in five years he will be a household name.

“I hope to become one of the greatest deejays in Kenya in the next five years” He added.