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Former Harambee Stars Coach Rishadi Shedu Speaks of His Experience in Quarantine

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Former Harambee Stars and KCB Coach has called on Kenyans to follow Governments directive to curb the Corona Virus Pandemic.

In a post he shared on whatsapp Shedu who is in quarantine explained the terrifying moment where they were approached by the medical team from the government who took them away to quarantine at the St. Georges Girls Secondary School.

Despite testing negative from the virus Shedu said that the stigma associated with the disease was scary especially how they were taken from their house in Siren.

Kenya has reported 30 new corona-virus cases in the last 24 hours after testing 883 samples.

He further narrated how it is tough being in quarantine especially during the Ramadhan period.

The Ministry of Health on Sunday said two deaths were also reported in the same period, bringing total number of deaths to 24.

Below is a post of the former International

It was terrifying first the way they come to take you 2 Ambulance and police vehicle all in sirens attracting attention of hundreds of people and when they come out in full corona gears and start questioning.

Then when you reach the center I was taken to St. Georges Girls Secondary school compound is very good and clean .I was there two days before Ramadhan so dinner was at 5.00pm due to curfew so we have to eat cold food during Ramadhan and we had to buy flask to boil water and make cocoa at night and eat with cakes as daku.

Its normal to feel tense in that kind of situation especially before the test because you don’t know your status and the fear you can be infected by  colleague because we share toilet and shower and we have to keep yourself and  the facility clean .

All in all the first few days are unbearable, when you are in deep thoughts and constantly worried of the outcome after the test and more worried of the people you left  behind your family

But after testing Negative a sigh of relief and boredom starting picking and missing your family and your life.

But I learn many things, despite quite a number of people knew and many people came to know but nobody bothered even to call me , even after it was covered by makanaki in the radio up to today ,

My people I cannot wish somebody to be there so please follow the Gok and ministry of health instructions, stay home stay safe


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