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Former K24 Journalist Eric Njoka shocks fans with latest post

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Former K24 anchor Eric Njoka has surprised his online fans with the latest post on his Instagram.

The media personality admitted that he is not doing well since he was laid off recently.

Fans were left worried when Njoka asked them not to pray for him saying that prayers don’t work.

“Thank you all for your concerns, I am not fine and won’t be for a while but I will make sure to keep smiling. Peace and don’t keep me in any prayers, they don’t work.”

Njoka recently went on an online rant calling out the media house’s management for laying him off despite sacrificing to work without pay to help the station stay afloat.

He later came out to apologize for linking the head of state in his rant but said he will not apologize for saying the truth.

“I might have stretched it a little bit and said cruel things about the CEO and the Company; and for that I felt there is so much pressure and I’m pained. so I’m not going to apologize for speaking the truth. But I’m going to apologize for is mentioning the head of State, Company CEO, and the rest I stand by; because the company is frustrating us. It’s frustrating so many people. Some many have families, and if someone is not going to speak for them then, where I go I will regret why I never spoke for them, I did speak for them, because people are real suffering and they can’t speak it out.” He said



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