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Former Mother in Law actress narrates how she walked out of her marriage


Former mother in law actress Idah Alisha Wanyoike popularly known as Olive has for the first time revealed why she parted ways with her husband.

Olive tied the knot back in 2013 in a lavish ceremony that even gave her fans a chance to share her day because the wedding was televised.

The former actress through her YouTube channel revealed how her husband became very abusive.

“I fell in love with this guy and he was Prince charming. If someone told me this guy was something, i’d probably get mad. He was great. The first year was fantastic and he started becoming abusive. The first time he slapped me I was like it must be this mouth. I must have said something reckless that made him angry and we make excuses like he doesn’t act like that. He said sorry and we moved on. I never told anyone especially because my life was in the limelight.” She said

She added it reached a point her dressing became an issue because her hubby would not let her wear anything above the knee.

“He stripped me of my confidence slowly by slowly. I would wear a dress and he would be like ‘where are you going dressed like that?’ He then would say ‘so you just gonna show your knees like that?” she added

The actress revealed that at one point her husband beat her up infront of her pals and that is when she had enough.

“There was a time my friends had come over to my house and I told him we were going out and would be back early. When we came back he started asking where we had been despite the fact that we told him we were going out. My pals were spending the night over at our place and it ended up being violent.

He dragged me in front of my friends and was trying to throw me around and they witnessed this.

There’s a time he even took over my finances. If I sent my mother money he would be angry and it would lead to an argument which turned into violence. I started getting anxiety attacks. Every time something happened i’d get panic attacks.” She said

The actress who says she was raised by an abusive father went on to narrate how the incident kept reminding her of her father.

“There was a scenario that happened in my life. I remember there was a time he was standing over me in the same position my dad stood over my mum. That’s when I told myself ‘this man is gonna kill me one day and that’s when I  left. I walked out like I was going to work and never came back.” She said