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Former Nairobi Diaries Star Claims Murder Attempts

Former Nairobi Diaries star Maureen Imbai alias Black Cinderella now claims that someone wanted to poison her and her daughter.

According to Black Cinderella, the person in question used an Insecticide named Promax 20 ec which has no cure.

She says that she will not judge the person and leave God to do the judge the person and fight her battles.

“This poison once you take it no hospital can neutralize you and imagine someone just poisoned my drinking water, my daughter’s cough syrup, my semo flour, my drinking medicine, and my bathing water. Pray for me you all. I am passing through a lot right now. But I choose to allow God to repay with his judgment.” Black Cinderella said.

The actress said that this is not the first time her life was at stake as she once found someone under her bed with a knife.

“I have been escaping death. Being chased by a knife, being held a machete, and I could not share it with the world because I was scared to be embarrassed. But if I don’t share my story when am still having a life how else will I help someone in need. When am lying dead by now? I should be dead today. My house was broken into and I found a man hiding under that bed with a knife and a scissor. Thank God for my brother, he was quick to notice someone was under the bed,” she shared.

The mother of one however said that she will tell people what has been happening in her life.

“I am going to tell this story so it can help someone else in life. This is a testimony I have to tell. I just dodge a bullet. Black Cinderella You are blessed. Maybe one day I will tell Nairobi everything about today but for now I have just recorded videos I will need for evidence,” Black Cinderella said.

By: Emmaline Owuor