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  • Former PC Davis Nathan Chelogoi to spend a weekend in prison remand
  • The presiding Magistrate had issued a warrant of arrest for him

Former PC Davis Nathan Chelogoi will spend a weekend in prison remand awaiting bail ruling in Sh1.35bn land fraud case in lower Kabete.

Defied Summons

Earlier today the presiding Magistrate issued a warrant of arrest against former Nairobi Provincial Commissioner (PC) Davis Nathan Chelogoi.

Last week, Trial Magistrate Dolphin Alego ordered Chelogoi to appear in court to answer the charges of conspiracy to defraud a businessman.

The magistrate noted that this was the last warrant of arrest being issued against him saying that if he fails to appear in court, then the court will take further action and issue further directions.

The suspect, through his lawyers, told the court that they were not aware that Chelogoi was to appear in court today.

The prosecution alleges that Chelogoi conspired to defraud Ashok Rupshi and Hitenkumar Amritlal Raja of the said land measuring 7.39 Hectares situated along Lower Kabete Road.

This is the fourth time that the warrant of arrest issued against Chelogoi has been extended

His co-accused person has since taken a plea and has been appearing in court.

The case is set for hearing on the 9th of May this year.

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