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Former singer Kevin Waweru cries for help as dad threatens to evict him



Former Kenyan singer Stephen Kevin Waweru of the band Sema that included Sanaipei Tande and Pam Waithaka has sent out a cry for help.

Kev as he was known back in the day was part of Kenya’s coca cola popstars that dominated airwaves with hits like Leta Wimbo, Sakalakata and Mwewe.

In a short clip that has since gone viral, Kevin who has been living with his parents owing to the tough times says he urgently needs help.

According to Kev, his father has been repulsive towards him and has been trying to evict him from home.

He narrates how on one incident, his father ran after him with a machete telling him to leave home.

“I am under attack by my dad. He wants to kick me out again. This has been recurring. He has some attitude towards me. The other day he took a machete and chased me away..I had to run for my dear life. That was sometime in 2019. We’ve had it rough. My dad wants me out because he thinks I come home drunk. I take short walk just to think and meditate because things were starting to look up until Covid happened. My Dad is literally pushing me to the edge. He just wants me out.” He said

The five minute video is the first Kenyans have seen of Kevin since he disappeared from the limelight over ten years ago.

Pam Waithaka, a former Sema band mate also hit the headlines sometime back after she was spotted looking drunk and disorderly.

In 2017, she was admitted at a Rehab center to help her recover from alcoholism.