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Former Street Couple expecting their first child six months after Transformation

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By Annette Amondi

Former street couple Sammy ‘Backie’ and Virginia who wowed Kenyans with their amazing transformation photos on Valentine’s Day are expecting their first child.

The two got married on the streets and their love story caught many as they were presented with gifts, got a fully-paid trip to Diani and also got a house where the well-wishers paid a six-month rent.

The two are asking for help once again from well-wishers saying life has not been easy for them.

Following the break of their story, the couple received gifts from Kenyans including a house which Kenyans paid a six month rent for.

According to Sammy the good life was short lived because he had no job and could not fend for his family forcing him to take his wife to the village in Limuru.

“Sai namchapia kwanza aende mushatha kwasababu maneno ni noma. Tulioana, keja tukapata wera ikabaki ikiwa ni ngori. Maisha ikachange mwezi mmoja, sio mwaka mwezi mmoja. Tulisaidiwa infact tulienda na ndenge, sijawai bebwa na ndege tukaenda huko ndiani mambo ika safi lakini ilikuwa kwa muda mfupi haikuwa hio muda yote.” He said

Sammy went on to add that he has been even forced to preach in town to collect money for food.

“Tukalipiwa Nyumba six months wera ikabaki ikiwa ni noma na ni tafash. Ata sometimes napatanga job tao naenda kuhubiri uko unajua ukiwa sufferer unakulia pande zote ndio bibi asilale njaa,” he added.



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