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Former Tahidi High Actor Exposed by Baby Mama Online


Former Tahidi High actor Ephy Saint who played a young teacher in the Tv series has been exposed by his baby mama for being abusive.

The model and founder of Kenyandula is apparently also a pathological liar according to his baby mama Chantelle Petit.

Chantelle an online digital marketer took to social media to narrate how she has endured so much from the actor cum model.

“My baby daddy has been talking trash about me on the web and i’m fed up. He is a pathological liar who has hurt so many women over the years. I think it’s time to expose him because i’m tired of the mind game he plays. He told me countless times he was single and there was no one in his life. He made believe that i’m the love of his life i believed him. I loved him dearly with all my heart. Our relationship was rocky. He lied a lot about everything” she wrote

In a series of Instagram posts, Chantelle said she almost killed herself out of depression but instead of comforting her, Ephy recorded her and threatened to release the video online.

“There was a time in Feb last year we had a bad fight. I was ready to kill myself because my heart was tired. He came and laughed at me then started recording me whole i was crying and holding a knife. Then in July when i told him the way he treats me makes me feel depresses, he told me to kill myself he’ll replace me in 2 weeks. I was four months pregnant.” she added

The actor has since responded in a series of posts saying he is tired of defending himself while in others he just fired sublimal shots at his baby mama.

“Whatever you hear about me please believe it. I no longer have time to explain myself. You can add some if you want” he said

Chantelle has since deleted the posts but maintains that she felt threatened and scared.