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Former Tahidi High actress Fires shots at Online Bullies

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Former Tahidi high actress Makena Njeri has fired shots at online bullies after falling victim to the notorious KOT.

In a post shared on Instagram, Makena called out her haters saying she does not understand the basis of their hate.

She said she decided to share her experience in order to encourage anyone going through online bullying.

‘I put this post up today to help anyone who has been bullied before or continues to be bullied every day.”

These are a fraction of the few i could find because to be honest i purposed to rise above hate and i don’t keep track as much but i look at this tweet and i imagine the same humans who own those accounts are out here typing these hurtful comments to bring individuals down without thinking about their actions. It’s painful that in this day and age bullying is fast becoming the reason why many people loose hope, many people stop chasing their dreams, many people start hating their beautiful bodies, many people start questioning their sexuality and sadly many people commit suicide while at it because of these individuals.” She wrote

She further added that it is sad that those hating online have deeper problems than those they hate on.

“Today i want to encourage everyone who is going through this that we all need to remember that hurt people hurt people they are not deserving of your time. Let your positive energy remain unscathed and even if it happens because we are all humans remember who you are and rise up, your purpose is not yet accomplished!” she added


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