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Former TRHK Actor Homeless, Sinking Into Alcoholism


The Real House helps of Kawangware actor Onyi has revealed that he is homeless following the stop of the production of the local comedy show.

Onyi is apparently alone and sinking into alcoholism. He says life took a drastic turn after Covid-19 struck and the show was cancelled.

He confessed that he hated the pandemic since it made him fall from fame.

“Mwanaume ni pesa.” He mentioned that none of his three baby mamas wants to be associated with him due to his financial status.


Looking back to his days of glory, he confessed that he was a spendthrift but after losing his job, he learnt the value of money.

Due to the change in his lifestyle, the actor went into hiding and shied away from showing his face in theatres.

He is still in touch with some of his former cast mates but there’s little they can do to help him because they are also jobless. 

He called out political leaders to consider artists and creatives even as they carry on with their campaigns.

By Stella Anyango