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Former women representative launches music career


 Former Taita Taveta Women Representative Joyce Lay has launched a career in the music industry.

In a series of posts shared on her social media platforms, the former politician revealed that she has now found a new calling after her political career came to an end.

The former politician turned gospel artiste now says it has taken her 47 years to find her true calling.

“It took 47 years to know what God Has assigned me to do. This is because I wasn’t keen to allow Him to guide me.In 2018 I started on a deep spiritual journey. To know God more than what a preacher said. I wanted to have a deeper relationship and a wider understanding of who God is and why He created me. I started reading His word more and spending time in prayer. God is faithful,” she wrote in one of the messages

She further revealed how she relocated to the United States after losing a bid for the senatorial seat in 2017 and it is there that she got a song idea.

“I went to the US for about 4 months. I had made up my mind that I was going to relocate there and venture into business. I had done my research and a business plan. In the middle of all this that looked like my own good plan, one day I was sitting outside the porch reflecting on my journey and tried to understand what was ahead of me and also trying to confirm if the decision I had made was the right one,” she added

While all this was happening, a song came into her mind and she sang it for about 10 minutes which she described as not normal. The former women representative said she then decided to record it on the phone and then the studio.

Lay went on to record other songs and launched her first hit Najua Wewe Ni Bwana on Monday, June 29, which happened to be her birthday.