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Four Kenyans arrested for condemning human rights violations in Uganda


Four Kenyan activists have been arrested outside Uganda House for allegedly condemning human rights violations in Uganda.

The four who include Haki africa’s Hussein Khalid, Beatrice Waithera, Yassah Musa and Ojiro Odhiambo were arrested by Kenyan police officers.

The four were bundled in police vehicles just before they could give their press briefing condemning police brutality in Uganda.

Amnesty Kenya has condemned the arrest of the four activists demanding their immediate release.

“We demand the release of Haki AfricaED, Hussein Khalid, Waithera Beatrice, Yassah Musa, and Ojiro Odhiambo, who were arrested outside the Ugandan Embassy for speaking against the injustices in Uganda. Standing up for human rights is not a crime,” stated Amnesty Kenya.

Uganda will be holding its elections tomorrow.

The election campaigns have been marred by violence and police brutality that have seen several people lose their lives including journalists.