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Four Storey Building Collapses In Zimmerman

The Collapsed Zimmerman Building (Photo Courtesy)
The Collapsed Zimmerman Building (Photo Courtesy)

A four storey building has collapsed in Nairobi’s Zimmerman Estate.

However no injuries were reported following the collapse of the building whose tenants had been evacuated last year.

Speaking to Ghetto radio News, St. John’s Ambulance Communication Manager, Fred Majiwa says that the building was marked unsafe for human habitation last year and no construction was going on during the incident.

Majiwa has urged the County Government and the Building Authorities to be more vigilant while giving construction licenses to private investors to liberate tenants of sufferings that may occur to them.

He has advised tenants to avoid residing on buildings under construction those with cracks, very old buildings and houses that have contravined construction regulations and marked as inhabitable.