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Four Teachers Arrested In Connection With Arson In Schools


arson schoolsA deputy principal, three teachers, six students and a guardian have been detained for 10 days after they were linked with the burning of a dormitory at Karbanet High School.

The six students and a guardian were the first to appear in court and were charged with arson, but later three teachers were also arrested following riots and charged with similar offences.

At the same time in Kisii, which has been greatly affected by fires, County Commissioner Kula Hache has banned selling of petrol to children following school fire incidents in the region.

In the Karbanet case, Resident Magistrate Samson Temowere allowed an application by the prosecution to have the students detained at Kabarnet Police Station for 10 days to pave way for investigations.

The students, through their lawyer Maureen Chesaru, wanted to be released on free bond, arguing they were minors who should not be locked up further and that the offence was bailable.