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Frankie Just Gym It responds to claims he’s a dead beat dad


Celebrity fitness trainer Frankie Kiarie popularly known as Frankie Just Gym It has responded to claims of being a dead beat dad.

Speaking in a recent episode on his Vlog, Frankie refuted the claims saying he has been taking care of his children.

According to the fitness enthusist, he has been sending his ex Maureen Waititu upkeep for his children every week.

“Let me just be candid, I send 6000 for my children every week. I also take care of my son Lexi’s school fee at Montessori which is about 150K. The arrangements I have right now is that my mum helps me pay the school fees. My children have tow nannies, well at least they did untill recently and Baby mama and I had an agreement on how to pay the two nanies. I pay a certain amount she pays the other amount. So I really wanna aske you to really think about what a dead beat parents mean because I definitely take care of my children.” He said

Franky also responded to claims that he does not pay rent for his baby mama and children.

“My mum gavvve me herrr hooouse in Westllands as an engagement gift and that is where my children are currently living because it is close to the school. There is really no rent to pay but what I pay is the service fee.” He added

Frankie has been in the spotlight since he recently confirmed his relationship with socialite Corazon Kwamboka.

In the same Vlog franky said Corazon picked him up from a very messy phase of his life and helped him out of it.

“I am the happiest I have been in a very long time. Most people don’t know where Corazon has taken me from. She took me from a vry dark time in my life. From having panick attacks in the middle of the night thinking this pain wont go away. At that time no one was there taking care of me untill I met her and she took me out of it.” He conclued