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Freddie McGregor to perform at KICC

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Finally, reggae icon and celebrated artist Freddie McGregor will be performing at the second

Annual Jamuhuri Festival which will be taking on Saturday March 3rd at the KICC.

Freddie McGregor’s big ship docked safely  in Nairobi city on the 28th February to a warm welcome by his enthusiastic fans to his motherland Africa.

The internationally acclaimed Grammy nominated singer and producer will be performing alongside Kenyatta Hill son of the late and great Joseph Hill, of the mighty culture.

This particular show was initially supposed to happen late last year but due to the political situation and tension the promoters, Headstone Corner Entertainment, postponed the show till March 3rd.

The 61 year old Freddie danced to his tunes in one of the local pubs in Nairobi thursday evening as he did his meet and greet tour of the city.

Revellers will be treated to a fun filled concert which will see various local artists curtain raise for the iconic reggae artist.

Some of his greatest tunes include Artibella, push come to shove and of course across the border.



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