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He started off as a boxing player, then slowly graduated to a boxing promoter and currently he has risen to the rank of a boxing manager.

Franklin Imbenzi cuts across as a calm and collected guy. He speaks calmly, his stout physique is a stark reminder that he was once a boxer and is still in the boxing industry.

Though he hung his boxing gloves before he turned pro, Imbenzi who is the current Secretary General of the Kenya Professional Boxing Commission (KPBC) takes pride in organizing some of the biggest and successful boxing tournaments in the country as a promoter.

“My boxing passion stems from my childhood, i started off as a player then turned into a promoter in 2005, hosting various boxing tournaments,” says Imbenzi.

As a promoter, Imbenzi takes pride in organizing some of the best and most successful tournaments in the country.

“WBF fight between Conjestina Achieng and Guillermina Fernandez of Argentina on the 24th December at the Kenyatta International Conference was very successful, the tickets were all sold out,” explains Imbenzi.

Apparently not only one boxing event that Imbenzi organized which featured reknowned Conjestina was sold out, the WBC fight in Kasarani still in 2005 was also sold out.

“That was the peak time of Conjestina, she hyped her events well and made sure she did not disappoint her fans,” explains Imbenzi.

From promotion, Imbenzi thirst for doing more for boxing apart from just organizing events kept striking.

That is when he tossed himself into the murky waters of boxing management.

Imbenzi vied for the position of Secretary General four years ago and won, he then got reelected for the second term when he vied last month and still won.

He says his interest to get into management of boxing was to also make boxing more professional.

“We want boxers to get better pay, i want them to have a good working environment and also create a better operation ground for promoters,” he explains.

During his first tenure Imbenzi takes pride in being part of the team that saw Kenya win at least seven big titles.

“ We got a WBC WBC Champion courtesy of Zarika Njeri, WBC, silver, Africa Champion and two other WIBA champions, and one UBU from Sarah Atieno,” he explains.

Imbenzi credits all the success to to hard work from the players team work and the new constitution.

With a pretty much successful first term in office Imbenzi promises a more successful and better managed boxing in this new tenure.

In his bucket list of ensuring a better boxing industry in the country, Imbenzi and the new team which includes Chairman Reuben Ndolo plans launch a strategic plan within 100 days in office.

In the strategic plan, the new leadership aims at devolving boxing and taking it closer to the people in the counties.

Imbenzi and his team also plan to have boxers undergo capacity building with investors and training.

“We are just appealing to boxers all over the country to have faith with the new office and give us support. But apart from that boxers should also not wait until they are in their late thirties to turn pro they can do it as early as possible,” says Imbenzi in his parting shot.

Author : Courtesy KPBC


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