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From Boys’ Club woes to Diamond and Zari’s are this week’s top stories


This week saw media personality Felix Oduor aka Jalang’o and his boys trending for all the wrong reasons and Diamond and Zari may soon reunite for a common interest. Here are this week’s top entertainment stories.

  1. Boys club

Mid this week a lady came out to expose Jalang’o and his group of married friends as sex pests. According to the lady, the men formed a whatsapp group where they parade the different women they have bedded then go as far as ranking each other.

This saw the media personality come out to defend his boys in a long online post.

Jalang’o admitted that the chats belong to their whatsapp group which he says has been in existence for many years.

In the post, Jalang’o now says the whole situation was blown out of proportion.

He further says they have lost advertisers and investors as a result of the leaked conversations.

He insists that whoever leaked the conversation picked just one part, which they wanted but did not tell what led to that kind of conversation.

“The past two days have been very rough for me and my close friends because of the chats from our wassp group, yes we agree that it was our group and its a group that has been there for soo many years and through the group we have achieved a lot in developing ourselves in different fields more so investment which was the sole reason for the group. The boys are not just friends but people we grew up with from childhood, went to school together and achieved a lot together. On the chats you’ve seen , no one will tell you the genesis of the chats or the previous chats but they picked what they wanted you to see, we have been judged, abused and crucified and told that we formed a boys group just to have our pleasures. We will not defend ourselves but this was just another random boys chat in a wassp group, the difference between us and you is that your chats haven’t leaked out but I can assure you that in most wassp groups chats about men, women, money can never miss. People have blown this out of proportion and I can assure you we are totally broken. I have had people call me to encourage me and the boys and others calling to just condemn us, we have taken this as a lesson. There is a lot of malice and hate around it but we can’t go there now,” he wrote in part

Boys’ Club finally responds following leaked whatsapp chats

  1. Zari Hassan and Diamond’s reunion

Word on the streets is that Diamond Platnumz and his estranged love Zari Hassan may soon be reuniting.

The two have not been seeing eye to eye since they parted ways on Valentine’s day 2018.

Sources say that after their recent online spat, the two worked out their issues and agreed on hew they will co-parent.

A close source now claims that Zari will be flying to Tanzania with the kids as soon as flights resume normal operations.

Diamond allegedly requested to see the kids and Zari agreed to take them.

The visit will also mark Tiffah’s birthday celebration which the source claims will be a major gig televised nationwide via Diamond’s Wafai TV.

“Wewe si unajua Mondi tena matashtiti yake, watoto hawa hajawaona live muda mrefu; yaani itakuwa furaha na sherehe kubwa sana siku hiyo.Vyombo vyake vya habari (Wasafi Media) vitarusha tukio hilo. lakini kama hiyo haitoshi bado media nyingine zitarusha tukio hilo ambalo lina maana kubwa kwa Mondi; ambaye amewamisi na kutuhumiwa kuwatelekeza watoto wake. hivyo itakuwa ni bonge la sherehe.” The source said

  1. B-Club issues statement on Dj Evolve

The management at B-club made a u turn on their earlier post welcoming popular deejay, DJ Evolve back home.

In a post shared on social media, B-club said  their earlier post was only meant to keep dj Evolve’s career alive among his fans.

B-club which is Dj Evolve’s employer clarified that the Disk Jockey is still admitted in hospital.

“Hello Please DJ Evolve is still in Hospital. Our Post was to Re-introduce DJ evolve and keep his career relevant to others, so that his fans don’t forget him. Thank You,” reads the post

This was after B-club shared a post, welcoming the DJ back home.

Fans flocked the page’s comment section to welcome the deejay home after spending months in hospital following a shooting incident at B-club.

“Welcome back home King @DJ_EVOLVE (Lowkey assassin, we cant wait to dance to your vice once this Lock-down is over. Let’s all pray for @dj_evolve to get well soon,so he can entertain us once this pandemic is over.” Read B-club’s earlier post


  1. Exray and Miracle baby beef

Is there really beef between Boondocks gang’s Exray and Sailors’ Miracle baby or is it another publicity stunt.

Last week, Boondocks gang member Exay took to social media to trash talk Sailors’ lead singer Peter Miracle baby and fans were shocked because no one could pin point the genesis of the alleged beef.

In his post on Instagram stories, Exray insisted that he has no beef with Sailors’ gang but insisted that he has lost all respect for Miracle baby.

“Sina beef na sailors… we are always bros but to that baby Snitch… It’s personal,” he said.

In a separate post Exray also claimed that he intends to take Miracle baby to court yet he did not reveal over what exactly.

“Someone tell uyo snitch..yeni @petermiraclebaby UMBWA SAAANAA Na keshotupatanekortiniamaurudiochaaa. Nimekuheshimukamandugulakiniumeni disrespect nikaulikuwaumetumwa,” he wrote

In his response which was later deleted, Miracle baby said that he is proud of his origin and concluded it with a mega bombshell on Exray.

“sikataimimini proudly waOchaatleastnajuakulima…silimiwi dame” wrote Miracle baby

  1. Vybz Kartel’s 16 year old son set to be a father

Dancehall legend Adidja Palmer popularly known as Vybz Kartel is set to be a grandfather soon.

In a post shared on his official Instagram account, Kartel revealed that his 16 year old son and his girlfriend are expecting.

Kartel’s son Akheel Raheim Palmer known by his stage name Likkie Addi recently held a baby shower for his teenage girlfriend with whom they are expecting.

The young deejay and his mystery lady shared a few special moments, such as cutting the cake and posing for pictures while seated on their throne styled head chairs. Likkle Addi’s mom, Tanesha Johnson, better known to the world as Vybz Kartel’s baby mama Shorty, was also present for the candid shots as she stood between the two honorary figures.

Close sources to the family report that the teenage couple is expecting a baby boy.


In an Instagram post, Kartel congratulated the couple addressing the young lady as his daughter in law.

“Congrats to my son and daughter and extended family. #newgeneration #gazanation,” he wrote