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From Dj Mo’s apology to Willy Paul’s drama with young socialite…Here are this week’s top stories


This week socialite Shakillah was arrested thanks to Willy Paul. Dj Mo also issued a not so apologetic apology. Here are this week’s top entertainment stories.

  1. DJ MO and Size 8

Gospel Deejay Sammy Muraya popularly known as Dj Mo has penned a sweet message to his wife Size 8.

The couple marked their seventh marriage anniversary on Sunday October 11th and the deejay took the time to apologize to his wife.

In the post shared on Instagram, Dj Mo said Size 8 will always be his wife and the mother of his kids and that can never change.

He went on to describe her as the foundation of his family then added that he is sorry for the difficult times he has subjected her to.

“This is my wife @size8reborn Nothing will change till I die , the mother of my children and the foundation of my family …There’s so much I can say. I will not run or hide …We’ve had our ups and downs .While reprehensible, the human me is beyond the battle, and I don’t think there can ever be a better moment to say I’m sorry and I love you  . God chose me for you, I know I drive you crazy at times, but you know nothing good comes without its share of problems…Through the ups and down we have been together, you know I never back down from a challenge this is no exception. I am blessed to call you MY QUEEN no matter how big the distraction seems.Together forever babe , LET the world know you my one and only …YOU COMPLETE ME … HAPPY 7th Anniversary . 7years here we are  #themurayasAt7” he wrote


  1. Shakillah Arrested

On Tuesday controversial singer Willy Paul revealed that he had gotten socialite Shakillah arrested after she tried to break into his house.

In a post shared on Instagram Willy Paul claimed that Shakillah showed up to his house unannounced and tried to make a forcefull entry.

“At around 12 midnight. The estate security noticed a lady at my gate that was forcefully trying to enter my house ( she did ). They informed me immediately and I went only to find out that it’s the ” Famous Shakilla”. I immediately reported to the police and she was arrested for trespassing.
I have also handed over the CCTV footage and a few popular names of the people she mentioned she is working for to the authorities for further investigation.” He said

Pozee even went ahead to share a CCTV footage of Shakillah at his premises.

Fans were however left thinking there’s more to the story since the time stamp on Pozee’s story and that on the CCTV footage did not match.

Socialite Shakillah also gave her side of the story saying that she was played.

In a series of posts on her Instagram, Shakillah said Willy Paul invited her to his place only for him to get her arrested for trespassing.

‘Never felt wasted and cheated on like yesterday, someone calling you comfortably in their premises which is so familiar to me and the both of us know, then boom set me up for trespassing.” She wrote in one post.

In a separate post, Shakillah said she had paid 50k bail and had been released only for Pozee to drop the charges later.

Speaking to Edgar Obare, Shakillah also accused Pozee of harassing her in the company of two guys.

  1. Othuol Othuol’s father

Fallen comedian Othuol Othuol’s father Peter Omondi has revealed that he has not seen his son since January of this year.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio News, Mr. Omondi said he spent the last few months of 2019 with his son in the village but after he returned to Nairobi early this year they only spoke on phone.

The grieving father said he had received calls about his son’s ailments severally and hoped that he would be treated.

‘I live in the village and my son had come home towards the end of last year. He was here after receiving treatment for TB and he recovered. In the village he was just okay, there was no sign of him being unwell.He traveled back to Nairobi in January and because of the current situation I did not manage to see him before his death. A few months back we were told he was taken to the hospital and was told he had a brain tumor and lack of calcium.” He said

Othuol’s father revealed that the comedian was in the process of building a house in the village before his untimely demise.

  1. Khaligraph’s ‘Twins’

Kaligraph Jones’ wife Georgina Muteti also addressed allegations that she is set to welcome twins.

In a post shared on Instagram, Georgina said she is not having twins adding that her baby bump is just big.

She went on to add that she has even had an ultra sound to confirm that she is not having twins.

“Please, I am not having twins, I can confirm that for sure going by the ultra sound I’ve been having. I get my bump is huge, look at how large the father is. Ya’ll really thought I was gonna have a bump the size of a tennis ball?” she wrote

She went on to shower Khaligraph with praises terming him as her greatest supporter and rock.

“And for you father of nations. Bless your heart in every way possible. You have been my greatest supporter and rock. Together we’ll have a tale to tell.” She added

  1. Lizer the wife beater

Diamond Platnumz’s producer Lizer has been exposed by his wife Bebe Naj for physically assaulting her.

In a post shared on Instagram, Naj claimed that Lizer had beat her up and she had tried to sort the issue out privately but he was rude to her.

Naj went on to ask Lizer to divorce her saying she will not stay with an abusive partner.

“Kupigwa hivi et ndoa no…. wewe Lizer nimekwambia private naona unajitoa akili sasa unataka tulilizane insta. Leta talata plz. Baba yangu mpaka anakufa ajawah nipiga ata konzi kwani we nan unipige kofi niwe hivi… HUNA ADABU @Lizerclassic” she wrote

Lizer has however remained silent about his wife’s accusations.