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From drug addiction, to prostitution, To being married to a thug, Mary Muthoni tells it all


By Annette Amondi


It’s often said that life can drag you through the mad but to what extent can one say they have seen it all.

Mary Muthoni, a former sex worker shared her life journey narrating how she was introduced to heroine by her husband and later to prostitution by her friends.

While speaking on Ghetto Radio’s True Ghetto story, Muthoni who is currently on a heroine recovery program narrated how finding a job for her was hard since she is a class six dropout.

“I could not find a job because I dropped out in class six and being  a heroine addict, I resorted to commercial sex work to get money for drugs. I had actually been introduced to heroine by my husband. I used to smoke bhang before that so anytime I smoked his I felt good and just knew there was something different in his. Before long I was hooked.” She said

Before long, the mother of three graduated from smoking bhang laced with heroine to injecting it directly into her system.

“I found out where he buys his bhang and how they mix it and learnt how to fix it myself. After sometime the high wasn’t a s good as I wanted it so I moved on to injections.” She added

After sometime Muthoni together with a click of friends who were also addicts joined prostitution to get the money for drugs.

She was taught the trade by friends who operated between Hurlingham and town.

Muthoni’s life became a roller coaster of events between being married as a second wife to a thug to serving prison sentences for prostitution.

“I have been arrested around five times serving sentences of between one to three months for prostitution.” She said

Muthoni also divulged how at one point a client left her half naked at Lang’ata cemetery after changing his mind.

Muthoni’s husband was arrested almost a month ago after being found at a crime scene. He was later released but was beaten to death as he walked out of the station.

The mother of three says hers has been a journey but she is glad her life has taken a different turn and she is now focusing on her kids.