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From Grace to grass. Sauti Sol’s Bien reveals struggles that made him move from Kilimani

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Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime Baraza has for the first time narrated the struggles he went through that forced his entire family to move from a posh Kilimani home to a shack.

While narrating his life story on Engage Talk, Bien narrated how he lived a good life as a child until things went south.

Bien revealed that his father had a well job and would host his friends at his home almost every other weekend and would even give hand outs to family members.

“My dad was the alpha male both financially and in his masculinity. I remember his friends were so loud and had parties every other weekend. There were so many people coming to our house for handouts- if not school fees then it was funerals,” he recalled

Bien who was enrolled in an expensive private school with his sister were later pulled out of the school after his dad lost his job as a director at an NGO.

His mother also lost her job forcing his family to adjust to the new situation.

Despite moving to a smaller house in Kajiado County, his parents couldn’t make the rent, forcing them to move into an incomplete house his father had been building in Nkoroi.

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“No ceiling, the walls were not painted, the floor was not done, basic plumbing was not done either. Basically we lived in a shack, smack in the middle of the April rains. It was traumatising. By that time we had sold all our electronics, but we didn’t need them anyway because our new house had no electricity. All we had to use at night were kerosene lamps,”  he added

He added that he was forced to stay out of school for a whole year because his parents who at the time were still scouting for jobs, did not want to enrol them to the local public schools.

“At some point, they stopped trying. Do you know how it feels to see your parents give up? Within a span of six months, my mother lost her parents, she was broken,” he added

Bien later went back to school and completed his KCPE exams and later landed in Upper Hill school where he met Savara and Chimano and as they say, the rest is history.

The singer added that experience taught him a lot but he would never let his wife look at him the same may his mother looked at his father when they fell from grace.