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  • Most recent President Ruto appeared in public shirt branded with universally accepted symbol of marijuana.
  • Ruto found love with Reuben Kigame’s hit song before and after ascension to power.
  • He requested soloists to play the song in three public functions.


In the spree to take over his political opponent’s brand, on Thursday, the head of state stepped out adorning a
shirt, which sported a rather curious pattern – the universally accepted symbol of marijuana.

The president’s attire excited a rather cheeky section of the internet after he hit the streets in a shirt that raised a couple of eyebrows and, well, chuckles from keen Kenyans.

George Wajackoyah and Reuben Kigame are two presidential candidate and aspirant who lost the hotly contested 2022 presidential election to William Ruto.

Biblical Regime

In public and official functions, President Ruto rode on Reuben Kigame hit song ‘Huniachi’

The first time he was seen singing along to the timeless hit was in May 2022 at the national prayer breakfast.

Amid downplay by President Kenyatta and Raila’s handshake Ruto seemed dejected until Huniachi was played.

The then-deputy president was seen singing along to the song while tapping his hands on the table.

After the election, he eventually ascended to the presidency, and the song remained his favourite. In September 2022, Ruto held a thanksgiving service at State House, where he led guests in singing the song.

Months later, in December, Ruto held prayers to mark the New Year and crossed into 2023 listening to the song. “Come and play the Huniachi song,” he instructed the soloist. In early March, Ruto attended the NYS pass out parade in Gilgil.

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  • Owiti


    I think that is taking the president too far. Every Kenyan know H.H.ESR is a saved christian.
    He is very innocent in this case in my opinion

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