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From Sailors’ Ksh. 1.5 million fall out with Mwalimu Rachel to Akothee’s cry after losing millions to former manager. Here are this week’s top stories


This week saw gengetone group Sailors’ fall out with former manager Mwalimu Rachel come to light. They revealed she demanded a whooping 1.5 million shillings in order to hand over their log ins. Akothee also narrated how her former manager conned her out of a lot of money. Here are this week’s top entertainment stories.

  1. Sailors Vs. Mwalimu Rachel

Gengetone group Sailors’ recently revealed they had a falling out with their former manager Mwalimu Rachel.

Speaking in a recent interview, the group said they have been forced to open a new Youtube channel after their former manager denied them access to their old account.

The group which was under Mwalimu Rachel’s management for the last two years claimed that she demanded more than a million shillings when they parted ways something they could not come up with

Media personality Mwalimu Rachel has issued an official statement on allegations she charged sailors 1.5 million shillings for log ins.

According to Malimu Rachel, the amount is an estimate of what she put in the works for Sailors’ career.

She went on to refute allegations that she had at first refused to give the artistes their own Youtube channel and only bowed to pressure from Netizens.

She added that she also spoke to NGOMA so that Sailors would be in charge of collecting their own royalties from their music.

“On 5th April 2019, I uploaded Sailors first video Wamlambez, that as we all know became an instant hit and went viral. This was after Sailors had approached me to promote and boost them as artists. Later on they wanted me to manage them, which I started doing through my company- MRXMedia LTD. A few months later we were able to upload more videos and that’s when speculation into why they don’t have their channel started. We had an agreement that we would upload 5 of their videos (that the company paid for) then later on open their own channel. So while I was being bashed online, we knew the plan we had in place- it really didn’t bother me. Come 17th July 2019, I started the official Sailors YouTube channel. This was amidst pleas from Sailors not to do so as they were already enjoying the views and subscribers on my channel that yes, the music videos had attracted. I had to convince them that they needed their own channel and in time they would gain even more subscribers than me. They reluctantly agreed. And so I started the channel from scratch, went to NGOMMA to have them in charge of collecting royalties and protect their content on YouTube.” She said

As a way to maintain the artistes YouTube channel and the subscribers, the record label asked to pay her 100K but she was not satisfied with the amount and quoted 1.5 million.

She argued that the amount was after evaluation on the amount of work done on the channel.

She also disclosed how Sailors members led by Miracle baby went behind her back to sign a new contract with the record label.

  1. Sailors narrate how Mwalimu Rachel ‘stole’ from them

Peter Miracle Baby of Gengetone group Sailors also spilled the beans of how they suffered under Mwalimu Rachel’s wing.

Speaking in an interview with Mpasho news on Insta live, Miracle Baby said Sailors went through a lot while being managed by the radio queen.

 ‘Tumenyanyaswa kama vijana juu hatuna mtetezi hatuna any, hatuna say. But God will always be there for us na atatutetea. Watabonga, watatutusi but tutazidi kutoa mziki poa kwa mafans wenye wametusupport since day one after releasing wamlambez. Imebidi tuanze zero.

He further admitted that they went behind her to sign with Black Market records adding that they felt it was the best decision for them.

Miracle Baby said they had no contract with their former manager because they were naïve and hungry for fame.

He revealed that at one point his fellow crew members were all locked out of their houses and they ended up crashing at his place.

It was at tis time that controversial gospel singer Alex Apoko alias Ringtone came out with allegations that they all live in one bedroom house.

“I had to do that because vijana walikuwa wanaumia. Walikuwa wanafungiwa keja, hajui wanakula nini, wanalala wapi. Ndio mambo ya one bedroom kupatikana, vijana walikuja kwangu juu wamefungiwa nyumba,” he narrated.

  1. Akothee’s woes with former Manager

Controversial singer Esther Akoth popularly known as Akothee revealed how lost a lot of money to her former manager.

In a post shared online Akothee revealed that she made a lot of money on her Youtube channel but her former manager pocketed everything.

In her post, Akothee narrated how her Youtube channel has had issues revealing that at one point she had to cause drama in order to handed all her logins.

“I WORK LIKE ADOG , SOMEONE ELSE POCKETS when spice stole my content uploaded my songs on different channels with a different name and collected my revenues with projects they din’t spend a penny on, made my management sighn a stupid agreement that said we were to pay them 200,000 ksh upon termination  while the only money they managed to pay me after 3 months of collecting my revenue was 18,000 ksh ,I told them to take it to an orphanage , they refused with my logins ,And I had to be a mad woman to have my logins & my Chanel back ,I even undressed and called police for this Indians” she wrote in part

Akothee then revealed how her former manager had been taking her in circles when she asked for her Youtube revenue.

She was later sent a spreadsheet showing how her manager was even taking advance payments in her name.

  1. Vera Sidika’s wedding

Vera Sidika is on the top trending topics after announcing that she got married to singer Brown Mauzo.

In a post shared on Instagram, Vera said she is married to Mauzo accompanied by a photo of both of them.

She however did not reveal when she got married neither did she share photos from the alleged wedding. (Believe her?)

“I got married to my best friend  I love you so much my Husband @brownmauzo254 ” she wrote

  1. Patricia Kihoro’s ‘Break up’ with Nick Mutuma

Actress Patricia Kihoro cut ties with popular actor Nick Mutuma after he was accused of sexual assault.

In a series of tweets, Kihoro described her intial silence regarding the matter as ignorance.

“It was cowardly of me not to do so because of the fact that Nick is someone I have known and worked with for over a decade. I should have held him accountable especially because of it, and I am sorry I didn’t until now. There is no excuse and I am sorry.” She tweeted

She further added that after having a conversation with the actor and seeking advice from other sources, she has decided to cut ties with the actor and film producer.

“I spoke to Nick on Friday last week at length. I should have done so much earlier but because I know both Koome and Nick, to varying degrees personally, I chose to slowly distance myself from the situation. This was cowardly and wrong on my part. What steps am I taking going forward? I will not work with him, or any other abuser, and will not amplify projects that he or any other abuser is involved in, whether or not I am a part of it. We shot Disconnect before the accusations became public, but what we do now matters.” She said

Kihoro also asked the actor to take responsibility for his actions arguing that just because one person forgave him does not mean all the other victims have.

“I spoke to Nick on Friday last week at length. I should have done so much earlier but because I know both Koome and Nick, to varying degrees personally, I chose to slowly distance myself from the situation. This was cowardly and wrong on my part.  Disconnect on Netflix is a win, and so many other people worked hard for this, but there will be other wins. I’m sure of that. So for now, @nickmutuma and we spoke about this, do the right thing. One person forgiving you does not speak for the others.” She added

  1. Dj Mo’s Side Chick speaks

Margaret Wanyama who hit the headlines after exposing her alleged affair with Dj Mo now claims she has never been intimate with the popular spin master.

In a series of video shared on Instagram, the lass now says a close friend who had her passwords is the who shared the details.

She also refuted one of her leaked conversations on Edgar Obare claiming that she terminated a pregnancy that resulted from the affair.

“Watu washaingiza pesa nyinyi mko hapo na umbea. I said no one knows what happened behind the curtains…i had to tell the truth to clear my name because i’m sick and tired of it. Someone blew up my name akasema vitu za uongo ambazo sielewi zilianzia wapi. Story za mimi kutoa mimba, nilitoa mimba saa ngapi? Lini? And i was already in bahrain. This is just crazy. I gave my friend my password and she ruined my name” she said

She went on to add that she is very happy Dj Mo and his wife are still together and went on to clarify that they were never intimate.

“Miss Wanyama says she is not happy with being labeled as a home wrecker adding that the last time she saw Dj Mo was back in 2016.

“Homewrecker? People are still married and happily ever after as husband and wife. Sijawahi kosana  na mo. We were friends in 2016 and the last time we talked was 2016. We only said hi to each other and that’s it. The last time we talked (same year) his marriage wasn’t strong as it is now we never had any intimate relationship with each other. Never. If indeed he cheated with me, why is it that he and his wife are still together? I’m happy i’ve cleared my name” she added